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About Yellow Fever and Asian Tiger Mosquitos

These new breeds of AEDES mosquitos are not native to California, but have recently infested our communities and can transmit the Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever viruses.

Aedes Aegypti asian tiger mosquito
  • They bite multiple times, often on the ankles
  • Bite all day long
  • Are active all year long
  • Cause severe reactions to sensitive family members

How Do I Know They're Infesting My Home?

  • You're being bitten during the day, in just a few minutes outdoors!
  • You're being bitten indoors (office, garage)
  • You're getting multiple mosquito bites (usually lower legs)

How the Mosquito Control System Works

Only this next-generation mosquito control system works effectively to exterminate the new breed of Aedes mosquitos.

  • Mosquitos lay eggs in the trap
  • All larvae die
  • Mosquitos pick up the active ingredient and spread it to many other breeding sites
  • Mosquito breeding cycle is stopped and all mosquitos and their larvae die
In2Care mosquito trap
Mosquito control services

Gopher Stop uses the In2Care Mosquito Control System

Traditional mosquito control techniques aren't very effective on the aggressive day-biting Aedes mosquito.

The Aedes mosquito:

  • Doesn't sit under bushes during the day, so traditional methods of only fogging with harsh  chemicals isn't effective.
  • Only has a 150 yard range of flight to bite and lay eggs.
  • Is easily eliminated around a home by killing their larvae in their various breeding sites.
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In2Care mosquito control trap

Residential MOSQUITO Control Services

  • Free quote over the phone
  • Immediate appointment scheduled
  • Property inspection
  • Mosquito poplulation control stations installed
  • Barrier treatment sprayed to kill mosquitos and keep them from resting on your property
  • Recurring service designed to keep you mosquito free all year long


Protect Your Employees and Customers

  • Full inspection of property grounds
  • Free estimate and recommended solution provided
  • All day protection
  • Trap stations are non-invasive & invisible to your guests
  • EPA approved safe for schools, restaurants, parks, apartments, hotels, office buildings and kennels
Commercial mosquito control service


The most effective Aedes mosquito control system available.
Get immediate mosquito relief and long-term population control.



Mosquito stations are EPA approved as non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Same Day Service

We answer the phone and respond to your inquires immediately and typically come out to your home or business in the same day.

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